Say Cheese to Dominos!


Shopping is a great fun activity, but being on your foot for 6 hours with 10 bags in your hands at the end of it does have the potential to make you tired. And right when I wanted to drop down dead tired, I spy with my little eye, something starting with D! I spy with my little eye, the most famous place to satiate your hunger in less than 30 minutes. I spy with my little eye, something on the menu that makes me say cheese! πŸ˜€ Its the ‘Dominos Cheese Burst Pizza’!!!

No experiments there, i have ordered the cheese burst pizza a million times at home, to enjoy the yummy creamy cheese layer oozing out of the pizza with every bite. It is quite a safe bet after the long day. The only difference being, this time it wasnt a home delivery, it was a dine in. The first experience of a Dominos Pizza served on the table.

Well ofcourse the reclining couch in front of my TV at home has been a wonderful place to enjoy a Pizza once in a while, but still, at the end of my dinner I made a decision… To go down to dominos and eat in instead of ordering at home. why would that be?

Its because dominos made me say cheese πŸ˜€ And i’m not just talking about the wide smile that was on my face at the end of a meal that made me happy. I am talking about the hot liquid cheese that was ozzing out of my cheesy mexican wave pizza at absolutely every bite, like never before. Never has the cheese been so hot before, never has the cheese been so liquid-y before, never has it oozed out in such a tempting way before. Never have i actually experienced a cheese burst in my mouth before!!! Getting so much tired, worth it! because we ended up in Dominos.

Dominos is yet another place that says No pepsi, only coke, fanta, sprite…. coke will do, but it has other stuff that makes me happy…. To follow the burst of cheese in my mouth, was a burst of rich and creamy chocolate in my mouth! What else could be the perfect dessert, it was the choco-lava cake πŸ˜€ Happy ending to a productive day πŸ™‚


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