I am an impulsive, passionate person. I believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. And doing stuff that you love is whats going to make you happy. I love my home, its a nice cozy place with my room completely red. But i love going out and exploring the various reds of the world.  I love my college, with energy bursting in every corner, everyday of the year. I love the street where my hostel is, with the best chilly cheese toast guy ever!!! And I love my red phone, my friends live in it. Slow and steady, i make friends like a winner, and i never let them go. I love shakira, my teddy bear who wears a red jazzy dress. I love sundays, a part of the day is exclusively reserved for watching DDLJ. I think my laptop has screened the movie more number of times than Maratha Mandir has! Boxes, i dont like. Because they all look just the same. And they are all empty. Packages i like. Especially wrapped in paper. And better, with lots of red ribbon. They are a way to my heart :-)


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